Orient- To acquaint with the existing situation or environment.

Well, it was not a quiet week at the Stoney Point Center, the location of our National Young Adult Volunteer orientation or rather disorientation. It was loud, not in sound volume but content. We were busy from sunup to well after sun down. Our schedule consisted of activities ranging from bible study, worship, and multiple different trainings with little time to process the information we received. We weren’t oriented with how to be a YAV, but rather disoriented. In retrospect, that should have been evident from day one, for the YAV director explicitly told us to cross out orientation at the top of the schedule and replace it with disorientation. (Dis)orientation made me frustrated. I had so much information given to me that I am unsure of what to take from the trainings and daily Bible studies. When one is constantly bombarded with information, how can we be expected to remember it all? What were we supposed to get out of it? Even though it was disorienting, I enjoyed meeting the YAVS serving in locations other than New Orleans. I just wish we had more time to think, reflect and have more time for clarification.

It should be noted that disorientation is not necessarily unhelpful. In fact, disorientation prepares us for the coming journey. I may not always know what to expect or how to react. Disorientation, in its very nature, orients us to expect the unexpected. If we were truly going to be prepared for our journey, comfort and orientation would be useless. We need to be exposed to the confusing and unanswerable questions. In these times, this is when I look closer to God. I look for his guidance. I look for his wisdom. I look for his grace. Through God, I can do all things.

If you are enjoying hearing about my time as a Young Adult Volunteer consider donating to the program. Use this link https://www.neworleansyav.com/ Put my name in the comment line so I can receive credit.


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